Next Generation Paint Protection Film Clearshield® Pro Hydro Washes Your Car for You

CarCool, a leading global provider of patent-protected window film and surface protection solutions, is excited to introduce Clearshield® Pro HYDRO in North America. The new HYDRO features the innovative StainX® topcoat, which combines hydrophobic power with a unique cross-linked design for unparalleled stain resistance. This advanced technology quickly repels water, mud, and grime, keeping your vehicle’s surface clean and safeguarded from unsightly stains. The enhanced polymer formula also helps minimize minor scratches, contributing to a glossy finish.

According to Steven Schroer, Sales & Marketing Manager for the UAE at CarCool, developing Clearshield Pro HYDRO on the foundation of the industry-leading Clearshield Pro was no small feat. “We aimed to make a vehicle’s paint shinier, protection stronger, warranty longer, and overall value proposition greater. Clearshield Pro HYDRO achieves all of these goals,” Schroer explains.

Certified CarCool professionals are exclusively authorized to install this optically clear luxury coating. The premium construction and precise installation requirements enable CarCool to provide a 10-year warranty covering yellowing, hazing, cracking, peeling, and moulding.

Schroer emphasizes, “We are committed to creating high-quality products, such as our next-generation Clearshield Pro HYDRO. The fear of that first scratch shouldn’t keep your car off the open road. Clearshield Pro HYDRO’s best-in-class stain protection and scratch resistance offer drivers the confidence that their paint will maintain its pristine appearance.”

Carcool, a brand with more than 80 years of legacy from its parent company, 3M Carcool, employs extensive research and development to create CarCool’s automotive solutions. The brand’s exclusive technology includes nearly invisible films that effectively reject solar energy and harmful UV rays.

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