3M Safety and Security Film

with 3M Safety and Security Film can Ensure the Safety of your precious ones

Residential 3M Safety and Security window Film

(Ensure the Safety of your precious ones)

Safety and security are crucial and are mandatory to be maintained especially in a home which is a place where people are free to do whatever they want. A house also holds precious assets that none of us ever want to lose. But more than assets, a person’s life is important and for that reason, you must take measures for its protection. 

3m residential safety and security film is one solution for this cause. This film protects you from burglars and arm thieves as they are designed in a way to bear bullets, rods, and other heavy equipment usually used to break into the house via breaking glasses. 

The common residential safety films available are clear security films, decorative security films, and solar security films. All of them provide safety and security in their own signature style so you can choose the one that best suits your need. 

Why is a safety and security film a need in residential spaces in Dubai?

Dubai is a state well known for its luxurious lifestyle. Most people prefer glass windows and doors to give their homes a luxurious and aesthetic look. However, all luxurious costs and so are the glass windows are vulnerable to breakage, and attacks. 

In order to protect the lives of your loved ones- the families and the precious home assets, you must install a residential 3m safety and security film as it is equipped with all the qualities to completely protect your residential space. However, shatterproof and break resistance are their prime qualities

3m residential film also protects against sunlight and ensures a cool environment inside the house. Rejects harmful Ultra violet rays which are the main cause of fading. Thus you can protect your furnishing, paints, and other assets that are prone to the direct sunlight

Additionally, these films have the capability of holding the glass intact by tightly holding its segments so the glass is not broken completely even after an attempt of forced entry. This prevents the glass from flying which in the opposite case would have produced horrible results.

How are Residential 3m safety and security window films applied?

The great thing about these films is that they are not noticeable. They are applied as a thin layer of the sheet on the glass. The layer is thin yet protective against heavy equipment. 

These can be installed on the front and back doors and on all the house windows as these are the places burglars use for breaking in. The film is self-adhesive and stays stuck to the glass for a longer period of time.


Safety and security film prevents your residential spaces from attacks, and glass breakage and provides complete protection

The film is not noticeable and is applied as a thin layer on glass which its harder for the people on another side to notice it. This feature is a notion of great security.

The film is self-adhesive, easy to maintain, and clean. Stays on the glass for longer.

Besides safety and security, it also protects you from the sun and improves privacy.

These films come in various designs. So you can choose the one that is accurate for you.