Prestige Window Film

Prestige Window Film provides Special Solar Protection Solution

3M Prestige Window Film

(A Special Solar Protection Solution)

The 3M premium window film series is the ideal window tinting option since it allows you to enjoy the sun’s positive aspects all day long while blocking out its harmful ones. The prestige window films are specially made to make your domestic spaces look pretty sophisticated and developed to offer your house an elegant appearance.

It lets between 40% and 70% of the sun’s natural light into your home, allowing you to admire the stunning window’s crystal-clear clarity.

However, since the prestige film contains the component to maintain a check on the same, you don’t need to be concerned about the heat and UV rays transmission into your residential house.

The elite window film series uses nanotechnology in conjunction with a multi-layer optical film that is not metalized to reject up to 99.9 percent of UV rays and to block up to 60 percent of heat transfer, both of which contribute to creating a comfortable interior climate. 

Advantages to installing prestige window film in Dubai

You might be interested in learning why premium window film is installed in residential buildings if you are among nature lovers and want natural light to enter your house all day in order to generate positivity and a refreshing environment.

The interior and outside of the house are given incredible elegance. It blocks up to 97 percent of infrared radiation, assisting in energy conservation and defending the home’s interior environment.

Since the 3m prestige window films are non-metalized and have no signal interference, there are no dangers of corrosion. Premium film is the only way to protect, maintain, and keep your home cool.

Why Choose carcool for Prestige Films?

Working together with experts is always advisable and, of course, advantageous. We at carcool have successfully completed various residential projects with 100% satisfaction over the course of many years of professional experience in Dubai’s window film installation sector.

The 3M premium film that we sell and install uses nanotechnology to block UV and infrared rays from entering the space as well as to ensure that excessive heat is not transferred to the structure, creating a cozy and secure living environment

Additionally, because the prestige film is so flawlessly smooth and exquisite in appearance, it contributes to increasing the beauty and décor of your home from both the inside and the outside.  


The luxury window films are made using a cutting-edge method and offer protection against collisions and incidental damage.

With a large selection of premium window film series, we provide our customers with excellent customization so they can best meet their unique needs.

The luxury window films must unquestionably be your decision if you’re seeking window coverings that may let in all-day sunlight into your interior.

The 3M premium window films guarantee that 99.9% of the UV rays are stopped outside the window, making the home safe and secure.