3M FX ST 50 Window Film

3M FX ST 50 work like tint and sun protection film for auto windows

(Tint and Sun protection film for auto windows)

3M FX ST 50 is a tinted sunscreen film designed to manage sunlight rays for vehicles that provide premium security to the inside of the vehicle from warmth, sunlight, and also UV rays. The film obstructs greater than 31% of the total solar power that gets in the windows. It blocks 50% of visible light. Blocks approximately 99percent from damaging ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Lowers glare by as high as 39 percent.

3M FX ST 50 Film provides great exposure from the within to the outside of the automobile also in the dark. As a result of its distinct patent-pending metal-free layout, the films do obstruct satellite signals from general practitioners and also cell phones, as well as radio signals.

3M FX-ST 50 Series Non-Metalized design

The FX-ST automobile films are produced utilizing modern 3M They have a non-metalized polyester provider. This procedure makes certain durability, ease of maintenance along with uniform color. The film doesn’t change color with time. The sophisticated technology of 3M assures resilience and also stability of the film over the duration. 3M FX-ST50 includes scratch protection. The warranty is for 3 years.

The Main Qualities are

  1. exceeds 50% of visible light.

  2. Blocks as much as 99.9 9 % from unsafe ultraviolet (UV) light.

  3. Decreases the glare brought on by obstructing sunshine by up by 39%. allowing motorists to see clearly and also focus more on driving.

  4. It is not an issue for mobile phones, GPS, or satellite radio functions.

  5. provider- nano-carbon, non-metalized polyester covered with an anti-scratch defense layer.

  6. Acrylic optical clear adhesive


The FX series provides the finest option for least light visibility so that you may achieve that comfort zone when travelling, since you demand privacy when sitting in the automobile.

All FX series window films are designed to protect the inside from damaging UV rays and the heat of the sun, using the most advanced technology available today.

Elegant and gorgeous, the FX window film series helps you give your class a sophisticated or rich appearance.

You don’t have to worry about replacing or maintaining the FX window films on your automobile once you’ve placed them since they last for a long time.

If you want your automobile to be completely protected, you can’t beat the FX series of window films. On these, you can’t go wrong.


The procedure of applying and installing these window films takes only a little time and has no impact on the outside body of the automobile or the original glass.


3M FX ST 50