3M FX ST 20

3M FX St 20 Window Film Provides you the Comfort that you have been longing for

(Provides the Comfort that you have been longing for)

If you are someone who prefers comfort the most, then 3M FX St 20 window film is for you. This film allows only up to 20% of light visibility, protects against head production, and also reduces glare. Factors which in other cause are the root cause of inconvenience. 

It’s that one branded and reliable solution that can provide you with sublime comfort that you might have lost. Through its quality of heat protection, it can also save you from the stress of choosing the right cooling system for your car, because it automatically keeps the environment of your car cool. 

3M FX ST 20 Window Films Specifications at a Glance

  • The best 3m automotive car window film provides utmost privacy by allowing only up to 20% of the visible light inside
  • Is resistant to transmitting Heat producing IR rays and keeps the temperature of your car cool, convenient, and enjoyable
  • It also does not allow UV transmission which is damaging to the car’s exterior, paint, furnishing, and shine
  • Reduce glare to help you better concentrate on driving and thus reduce the risks of accidents
  • Complete Car Protection film providing protection from UV rays and IR rays while giving it gracious and appealing looks
  • The Film is further non-metalized and does not make interrupt the normal functioning of the GPS and electronic devices on board. 


The 3m FX ST series provides the finest option for the least light visibility so that you may achieve that comfort zone when traveling since you demand privacy when sitting in the automobile.

All FX series window films are designed to protect the inside from damaging UV rays and the heat of the sun, using the most advanced technology available today.

Elegant and gorgeous, the FX window film series helps you give your class a sophisticated or rich appearance.

You don’t have to worry about replacing or maintaining the FX window films on your automobile once you’ve placed them since they last for a long time.

If you want your automobile to be completely protected, you can’t beat the FX series of window films. On these, you can’t go wrong.


The procedure of applying and installing these window films takes only a little time and has no impact on the outside body of the automobile or the original glass.