Decorative Vinyl Window Film

The best way to gain privacy while cashing several other benefits

Decorative Vinyl Window Film

Decorative Vinyl Window Film is our next consideration for you if you want to have a confidential office environment and maintain a work-friendly office temperature. These films are great at doing so. 

They provide great decor to your commercial space and also resist the transmission of extreme heat and cold into the building. Additionally, these films are available in a variety of designs and patterns for you to choose the one that best suits your taste. 

Would like to add that these films are of high quality and built with the top-rated material so that proper privacy and confidentiality can be ensured in your commercial space.

Why Vinyl Window Film is gaining popularity in Dubai?

Popularity is assured when a product is liked by customers and customers like a product that is of high quality. Vinyl decorative window films not only enhance the aesthetics of your commercial space interior or exterior but also provide an environment best suited for work. 

Do you know? It has been found that the more appealing your office looks, the more dealers enjoy spending time there and crack business deals with you. And what to the plus? Vinyl films also give much-needed privacy to your clients.

Vinyl decorative films also hold a quality of UV protection in their cart. They effectively block the harsh heat-producing rays and do not let them enter your office premises. This reflection is also effective in protecting the office interior/ exterior and the assets from the potential damage they can get if exposed to the UV light for longer. 

What are the different Vinyl Window Films shades?

A quality that makes the vinyl window films so special is their availability in different color shades. Specifically put forward to lay a long-lasting impression on the visitors, clients, and customers. 

They are available in the darkest and the lightest color ranges of film. This range is highly effective at choosing the one that would sync with your commercial space interior. 

How the vinyl film is applied?

The vinyl film has an easy application process. They are applied via soapy water so that they don’t have a bubble-like appearance after installation. They also have a self-adhesive coating which lets the film stay intact for a long period of time. 

All the films are properly tested and quality is ensured by Car cool before their installation so you can have a great and satisfactory customer experience.


Being available in different shades from the darkest to the lightest range, they improve office decor effectively while also providing several other benefits.

Vinyl window films provide privacy and confidentiality. Ensures a friendly environment for dealers, visitors, and employees.

Vinyl window films block the heat-producing sun rays to keep the office environment cool and also protect commercial space assets from damage due to sunlight.

At Car cool, You can customize the vinyl film the way you want it to so that it best suits your needs.

Gladly, Vinyl window films are easy to apply and remove as well. They are self-adhesive and can stick to flat surfaces for longer.