Frosted Window Film

Frosted Film for Glass or window is an ultimate way to gain security and privacy and improve the decor of your workspace

Frosted Film for Glass

(The ultimate way to gain security and privacy and improve the decor of your workspace)

The importance of maintaining security and privacy in a commercial space yet not harming the interior is indeed a task that needs utmost attention and a thousand ideas. But what if I tell you that this can be done in a matter of a few seconds? Well, yes you are thinking right. This is exactly what frosted window films are for. 

They provide your commercial spaces with a higher degree of security and privacy and can be added to glass partitions of the office and the windows and also enhance the decor. They are also of great help at making partitions inside the office. 

We love frosted films because of the way they give absolute privacy to cabins and meeting rooms and also for the protection of the office assets from burglars.

Variations in Frosted window Film Dubai

Frosted film for glass are available in the dusted crystal finish in translucent white and the translucent crystal finish in other different colors to create dusted and frosted effects on glasses and windows. Giving you the finest options to choose the ones that best suit your office premises. 

They can be easily cut because they have a transparent synthetic liner. Contains pressure-sensitive elements that provide security to the office inner spaces too.  

Are frosted window Films Worth the Installation?

To maintain a healthier work environment, privacy and security should be considered. And to keep your employees hooked to their work seats, and have frequent deals with partners and clients, it’s important to improve the office decor. All these considerations can be brought to action by simply installing the frosted film for glass.

What makes frosted window films different?

There are many privacy films available but how do you decide which one you want and is frosted window film what you have been looking for?.  The followed paragraph would help solve this query of yours. 

The frosted film provides privacy from all sides of the window. They also block harmful rays but the outside but allows up to 90% visible light to pass through them. This helps at making the office environment happier, more colorful, and brighter. You can enjoy the beauty of sunshine without it piercing your work. 

Additionally, the allowed light does not create glare as these films are designed in a way to control glare production, prevent heat production and also provide privacy and security. 

How are 3m Frosted windows films installed?

The frosted films come with self-adhesive coatings that make their application easy and swift. This coating is also helpful at keeping them stick to the glass for longer durations ensuring the film’s durability. They also do not fall off in unfavorable weather conditions as they are strong and resistant. 

They are applied via a soapy water solution. This solution protects the formation of the bubble and ensures smooth application of the film with proper finishing and a divine look.


3m Frosted window films provide safety and security and protect against Bulgars.

Ensures a peaceful work environment by providing privacy to employees, managers, and CEO’s to peacefully conduct meetings and work.

The great design of the frosted films just falls right with the office interior. Are great for creating partitions without disrupting the original office interior.

Protects against the sun while allowing 90% of the visible light transmission. This makes the workspaces brighter and easy to work

These films are self-adhesive and stay firm for years. Also services the extreme weather conditions.