Commercial 3m Safety and Security Film

Secure your WorkSpaces with minimal effort using Commercial 3m Security  Window Film

(Secure your WorkSpaces with minimal effort) 

Despite the multiple efforts put into making your commercial spaces safe and secure, Break-ins, Natural Calamities including severe storms, and hurricanes often make us question our security efforts. 

Glass surfaces are mostly loved for commercial spaces since they provide modern aesthetics to your workspace and easily attracts the visitor. However, the same glass is dangerous for you and your people’s lives if it gets broken by a natural calamity, accident, or attack. You can control attacks, accidents, or the weather, but you can add an extra layer of safety and security to your window.

3M security window film acts as a shield against external breakages and provides thorough protection for your premises. They are so strong that they do not let the glass break, even if someone forces an attack on it.

3m Safety and Security Film Installation

(Why is it the need of the hour?)

The residents of Dubai are well aware of the nonstable and unfavourable weather conditions which can directly affect the glassed windows and doors installed in most of the commercial spaces. These glasses are vulnerable to shattering, but the worst is that they tend to fly after breakage because of strong wind. The flying glass is dangerous for people working in the building and in the surroundings and may be subject to serious injuries and accidents.

Secondly, commercial buildings are also attractive to several attacks, and the glass window is like a topping on the cake. Therefore, 3M security window films are a must-have.


3m safety and Security Film help keep workspaces safe from extreme weather, and broken glass by making glass harder to penetrate turning your window into a sturdy shield capable of withstanding forced entry, and harsh weather conditions providing an even higher level of protection.

3m security film is the key to creating a safe, secure, and discrete protective cover. It offers maximum protection against tearing and shattering which makes it difficult for attackers to break it and enter the building. The safety and security film also holds the glass in place so the attackers can’t smash it.

You would be happy to know that 3m security films are also great at rejecting 90% of harmful Ultra violet rays which are the main cause of fading. Thus you can protect your furnishing, paints, and other assets that are prone to the direct sunlight.

The safety and security film comes with a self-adhesive coating which makes it easy to be put on the glass. Some of the films also provide great optical clarity via smooth coating. The optical clarity makes it easy for you to see far away areas clearly through the glass.

The safety film can be applied to tough, annealed, and laminated glasses. It can be applied with different thicknesses to areas that are subjected to breakages such as windows and doors. 


Commercial 3m Security Film