3M Fasara Window Film​

3M Fasara Window Film is the best decorative glass finishing that you would find

3m Fasara Glass finishes- For Residential and Commercial Spaces

(The best decorative glass finishing that you would find)

3M Fasara Window Film​ enhance the aesthetics of your residential and commercial space, aids in light control and improves privacy. They are specifically designed to control the light that enters the interior 

3M Fasara Window Film​ datasheet has over 100 designs and gives you a look of etched, cut, textured, sandblasted, gradient glass design which if you try to buy in glass material would fall utterly expensive to you. However, since 3M Fasara glass finishes are a polyester-build film, it subsides the price issues while still giving you that perfect depth, modernity, precision, and quality.

3m Fasara Catalog

The fasara variations are many however, we have picked some best ones for you. Have a look

  1. Fabric Fasara films
  2. Frost and Matte’s films
  3. Geometric and Gradient films
  4. Dot, border, lines and Stripes films
  5. Prism, embossed and dichroic films
  6. Fasara diamond films
3M Fasara Window Film

3M Fasara Film Features at a Glance

  1. These polyester build sheets are available in a variety of shapes and designs and are cheaper.
  2. Gives you a clean-cut, precise finishing, great detailing, and a look of edged, geometric, gradient glass designs in a lower price range
  3. Gives a low-glass look, is easy to apply, and remains lasting for years without decolorizing or losing tensile strength 
  4. It’s reflective, which means it does not absorb piercing heat and reflects UV rays that are hazardous.
  5. We have experts who are trained to install these films in such a way that they are applied accurately, aesthetically, and with minimal disruption.
  6. They are also good at installing 3M fasara films to a variety of glass substrates
  7. These films are also resistant to stains, impressions, fingerprints, grease, and bird droppings.

How to Apply 3m fasara decorative window film?

The easy application of the 3M fasara window film is another advantage it has added to its cart. Apply these films to multiple surfaces without fear of leaving any kind of greasy impression. This film can be applied to conference rooms, lobby areas, retail stores, and homes for different purposes.

3M fasara film also does not require extra maintenance, is easy to clean, and if someone tries to break in or gets hit by accident, it does not let the glass substance float but instead holds it together and keeps it intact.


3m Fasara window films give an aesthetic look to your windows while keeping you within your budget.

Fasara control the light entrance by only allowing visible light inside and keeping the heat-producing rays outside.

The Fasara window film is easy to install and can be applied to both commercial and residential places.

The films are strongly protective against scratches, glass floating, birds droppings, impressions, and dust accumulation.

The fasara film is reflective. Does not absorb the heat producing Infrared rays that can disturb the temperature of your space.