3M Privacy Window Film

Privacy Window Film Make a Comfortable Premises where you can enhance your productivity

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(Make Yourself a Comfortable Premises where you can enhance your productivity)

Being private is the most important factor in life. It gives mental peace and a chance to be YOU. Not only is privacy important in a home, but it’s also a must to have a factor for commercial spaces as well. Whether it’s your cabin, Director’s room, Conference room, or the employee working space. 

The lack of privacy can deeply disturb a person’s productivity.  Less control over oneself in a working environment provides less opportunity for the workers to think out of the box. 

Therefore Privacy Window films were brought to the market in order to maintain a discipline in working spaces and residential areas. However, these films are mostly the first choice of the commercial owners. 

These films make it difficult to see the office place working people from outside which in the other case creates inconvenience.

Different Variations of the privacy film.window

Car cools respects your privacy and understands the importance of maintaining confidentiality therefore we have put forward multiple variations of the Privacy tints for office windows that you can cordially enjoy. Have a look.

  1. Mirror Effect Window Film
  2. Blackout Window Film
  3. Vinyl Film
  4. Branding Film 

All these films are different in features, however, their purpose of building the privacy is same. Can be installed into your workspaces based on your interest and office interior design. 

How Does Privacy Window Film Work?

Privacy window films work by allowing you to get protected from the gaze of people by blocking the view from outside. It also does not let the harsh sun rays pass through them and only allows visible light to pass. 

The non-passage of the harmful sun rays protects the office interior from damage and also cut down additional expenses including air conditioning expanse ( it does not let the heat-producing IR rays enter) and also saves office maintenance costs. 

Their eye-catching design variations are also great for partnering with your office interior and for enhancing their looks.

1 way privacy glass film Application

The Privacy window films are applied based on their application. It has different variations with different features such as the Partial privacy film providing partial privacy. The daytime privacy film provides protection throughout the day. So if your office is open during the day hours only, then it’s definitely a great option. The Blackout window film can become your next favorite if you want full-time protection from all aspects. Or you can also go for the temporary privacy which provides privacy for a specific time period. 


The privacy window films are a great option to protect your workspaces and ensure privacy in them 24/7.

Privacy films enhance the productivity of the employees by letting them have complete freedom in their thoughts and work processes.

Privacy films also provide additional benefits besides providing privacy. They keep the environment cool by blocking out heat-producing rays which lower the electricity consumption.

Privacy films have various design variations, so you have wider options to choose from. You can also choose the one that best suits your office interior.