3m Safety and Security Film Window Film

with the help of 3m Safety and Security Film, You can SECURE YOUR WORKSPACES WITH MINIMAL EFFORT

3M Safety and Security Window Film are must in Dubai

It goes without saying that you need to make your office or home as secure as possible. Buildings in Dubai are subjected to extreme weather conditions and extreme temperature swings, making it an especially hazardous environment to do business in. Earthquakes and fast-moving wind eruptions, such as hurricanes, occur in certain disaster-prone regions. Because broken glass windows and doors may cause serious harm to people and property, safety shields must be installed on these windows and doors to prevent them from shattering. In addition, criminal actions such as theft and burglary might result in inadvertent damage, which necessitates a high level of security. This is when the security and safety window films come in handy. A variety of external pressures or events may cause glass and doors to shatter, but these films are intended to prevent this from happening.

3M Safety and Security Window Film

The safety window films protect glass windows from breaking because of how they work and how they are made.
They are made to catch broken glass if the windows or doors break, so that the pieces don’t fly around and hurt people in many ways. It helps the glass stick together, which makes it hard for criminals to escape and makes it easy to catch them. Aside from this, the 3M security films come in two different kinds. One that is only for safety, with clear films that keep the windows from breaking or getting damaged accidentally. On the other hand, there are some window films that also protect from the sun. These safety and security films have tinted sun control solutions that keep you safe and protect you from the sun’s harmful heat and UV rays. Carcool has many different kinds of 3M safety films, each with its own set of features. You can choose the ones that are the best fit for your home or business to get the most benefits.

Enhance Safety & Reduce Risk

Our safety and security window films may help you prevent injuries to your loved ones, friends, coworkers, and other people.
Our safety and security films’ adhesive technology forms a strong link with the glass and keeps broken glass together until it can be replaced. This qualifies our videos for a variety of purposes.

Safety STrips

Safety strips are a crucial component of both residential and commercial construction codes. Speak with our representatives now to select a safety strip that is appropriate for your building to meet code requirements, with a variety of types and widths available.

3m Security Film Reduces risk in storm-prone areas

3M safety film reduces the risk of injury or damage from breakage or flying shards in the event of high winds and storms.

3m Safety in blast prone areas

In the event of a blast or explosion, safety film provides added protection from flying shards of glass.

Glass pool fencing

Glass pool fences can be extremely dangerous in the event of breakage. Increase the safety of your pool area with our variety of safety films.

Safety in the home

Apply safety film to your windows to reduce the risk of injury from broken or flying glass. Security films prevent home invasion by making it more difficult to break glass windows or doors.

Glass balcony Balustrades

Apply safety film to glass balcony balustrades to protect people on both sides of the glass without obscuring the view.

Glass pool fencing

Glass pool fences can be extremely dangerous in the event of breakage. Increase the safety of your pool area with our variety of 3M safety films.


Safety and security film prevents your residential spaces from attacks, and glass breakage and provides complete protection.

The Security film is not noticeable and is applied as a thin layer on glass which its harder for the people on another side to notice it. This feature is a notion of great security.

The film is self-adhesive, easy to maintain, and clean. Stays on the glass for longer.

Besides safety and security, it also protects you from the sun and improves privacy.

These films come in various designs. So you can choose the one that is accurate for you.


3m Safety and Security Film