Blackout Window Film

The best way to get Supreme Privacy using blackout window film

Blackout Window Film

(The best way to get Supreme Privacy)

Your want of getting supreme privacy with no transparency and visible light making an entrance to your room can be fulfilled through 3m Black Out Window Films. These films cut down the daylight sun to 100% and are completely opaque. 

The good thing is that they can be applied directly to the glass. The Purpose behind going for the blackout film can vary from person to person, but one thing is undeniable that they are an absolute necessity especially if you are someone who feels sensitive to light. 

For people who work at night and are finding it hard to sleep in the daytime due to the piercing sunlight, these films are a great option for them to get a night-like feel. 

The best thing is that you can use it in commercial spaces to hide a specific corner, room, or department in your office while maintaining its interior.

How are the 3m Black Out Window Film Effective?

There is not one but many elements that make the blackout films special. While the major liking factor here is privacy yet, the other factors like anti-glaring, safety, and security, heat protection, and electricity savage are other good options for a worthy purchase. 

These films provide a blackout or nontransparent environment through the anti-glaring elements that they have. They also do not allow the transmission of heat through them, which makes these films ideal for residents of Dubai since they are the ones who face extremely hot weather. This property is useful for cutting down expenses on cooling systems which ultimately lowers the use of electricity consumption. 

Along with providing benefits in the summer, they are also a great option for winters as well to ensure a cozy office environment. Protecting your windows from scratching and paint fading are other benefits to be added to the blackout window film cart. 

How are 3m Black Out Window Films Applied?

Blackout window films are applied to the glass through a soapy solution that is mixed with water. This solution is made in order to ensure easy application of the sheets on the glass and also to let it stay for a long time. 

We at Carcool make sure that the film is applied without making any harm to the original interior. So if you are thinking about where to buy 3m blackout film then we can be your best servitor. 

What are the different types of Blackout Window Films?

You might find it amazing that blackout window films are available in various designs so you get complete freedom to choose a design that best suits your interest, and yes the theme and decor count too. 

Blackout window films are available in white and black shades. White blackout window film is also available and prospects the same purpose as the blackout one. I-e to block the light passage from both sides however the blockage percentage is 99%. 


Blackout window films provide complete privacy via 100% blockage of the light being comprised of the anti-glaring elements.

Applied through a soapy and water mixed solution, they can stick to any glass surface easily and stick there for years.

Blackout window films are also effective at heat protection. Due to the blockage of sun rays, they fight against color fading.

A budgeted solution to get complete privacy and save on electricity consumption.

The black-out films are durable and do not need time-to-time maintenance. 


Blackout Window film