Sun Control Window Film Dubai

Sun Control Window Film Dubai is An absolute necessity of the Modern world

3m Sun Control Window Film

(An absolute necessity of the Modern world)

The natural light peeking through the windows is great for providing breathtaking views and an absolute photoshoot, however, we all know that this sweet delight to the eye does not come with the good rays only but also brings along with them excessive heat producing Infrared rays (IR), and other harmful UV rays that are damaging for eyes and furnishing. 

The direct penetration of sunlight through the windows also makes it difficult for workers in the office to concrete on their work since they are unable to see clearly what’s on their screen and in an attempt to clear their vision, they increase the screen brightness which does not only drains the gadget battery but also is dangerous for the eye. 


Best 3m heat blocking window film

(An ultimate solution to find the sun battles of Tall buildings) 

In order to overcome the problems that are caused by direct sunlight, a 3m sun control window film Dubai was created. Since Dubai holds taller buildings that are comparatively closer to the sun and receives direct sunlight, these films for them are the need of the hour. 

What exactly is a Sun Control Window Film?

It’s the best 3m heat blocking window film that restricts the harmful sunlight from penetrating inside the building and cools down the temperature in the building by keeping the heat-producing Infrared rays out. 

They are available in different shades and ranges and are a perfect solution for ensuring steady workflow in offices and commercial buildings. 


For the purpose of preventing the commercial spaces from hot temperature and sun’s UV rays, we provide installation of the top-class 3M sun control window films.

Prevents the penetration of harmful  UV rays of sunlight into your buildings while allowing natural light transmission resulting in superb aesthetics. Also, maintain and enhance the cool and comfortable environment in the extreme weather conditions of the UAE. Temperature is stabilized in a way that it’s neither too hot nor too cold.

Fading occurs through a combination of UV rays, Visible light, and solar heat. The straight fall of sunlight into buildings destroys the paint of the walls and furnishing. With the 3m Sun control window film dubai, your assets remain safe since the harmful rays are no longer allowed to pass.

3m sun control film saves you from spending on air conditioners to make the environment workable. Since these films ensure cool temperature, the electricity consumption is also minimized.