Commercial Mirror Effect Window Film

With Commercial Mirror Effect Window Film you can Revolutized your interior in the best possible manner

Commercial Mirror Effect Window Film In Dubai

(Revolutized your interior in the best possible manner)

If you are looking for adding privacy with aesthetic looks to your workspace, then mirror effect window films should be your first choice. Not only are they great for privacy and confidentiality, but the looks they give to your commercial spaces are more good than you can expect. 

We all know that Dubai is the hub of world trade and is always busy circulating huge commercial activities, therefore more efforts are put into making workspaces worthy of work and look. And this is the reason, why mirror effect films have become a need today.

What exactly are mirror effect window films and how are they beneficial for you?

Mirror effect window film is a type of privacy window film and it’s known to provide privacy and confidentiality in the commercial spaces along with spectacular looks. It is two-sided. One side has a mirror while the other holds a transparent sheet that lets you monitor the activities happening outside. 

These mirror films are best suited for retail shops, cafeterias, and restaurants and for businesses based on attracting visitors as the mirror sparks an interest in them to look and step inside the space. 

How do mirror effect window films work?

The working of the mirror effect window film is based on imparting illusion which is brought alive by keeping making one side of the window film hold mirror, while the other side carries a transparent glass. Thinking of this combination is often acceptable but its made possible through the 2 principles involved, the manufacturing smartness and the lightning factor

The Transparent side of the film has been coated with a reflective metal which is the form of a thin layer of aluminum or silver. The aluminum metal is mostly preferred because of its capability of allowing partial light to pass through the glass surface. 

Additionally, both sides of the film are given different light intensities by keeping one side darker and the other side light. This is why the people can see their reflection in the glass window from the lighter side whereas the darker side would allow them to see outside since the glass surface is transparent. 

These are the factors why mirror effect window films are the core privacy-providing films on the market. 

What are the places in which you can install mirror effect window films?

The installation of the mirror privacy film is highly dependent on your need of adding privacy. You can install it in the commercial spaces and as well as in the residential space. Here are the places where they are commonly applied

  1. In offices especially in the interrogation rooms to observe the real behavior and activity of the applicants before calling them in for the interview.
  2. In residential and commercial areas, don’t let people passing by look through your space through the windows.
  3. In homes, to allow yourself privacy.
  4. In automobiles and vehicles, to prevent people from seeing what’s inside your car.


The mirror films are thick films and are easy to stick to the glass surfaces. They are also known for retaining on the surface for a long time.

If you have wondered does mirror tint reduce heat, then you would be happy to know that yes, they reject up to 85% of solar heat. It also reflects 99% of the Ultraviolet rays to provide protection to your assets.

Mirror effect window films come with a transparent glass surface on one side and a mirror on the other side to let you enjoy privacy, and see yourself and people outside through one film.

Mirror film can be applied to commercial spaces, residential, and automobiles.