Is your vehicle feeling the burn? Maintaining a cool interior in your car during scorching summer days isn’t just about comfort; it’s about safety too. Fortunately, there are several strategies you can employ to ensure your vehicle remains refreshingly cool. Whether it’s installing tinted windows or opting for shaded parking spots, there’s a myriad of straightforward solutions that can significantly impact your car’s temperature regulation. This article not only offers practical tips to help stabilize your car’s internal temperature but also shields you from any discomfort while on the road or parked.

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What Is Automotive Window Tint?

Automotive window tint is a thin, see-through film applied to car windows to diminish the influx of heat and light into the vehicle. Made from diverse materials like polyester, metal, and ceramic, this film comes in various shades and thicknesses. Its main function is to offer privacy and mitigate sun glare while driving. Additionally, it aids in minimizing the penetration of UV rays, safeguarding the interior from fading and lowering the likelihood of skin damage.

7 Ways To Keep Your Car Cool by Carcool

As temperatures rise during the summer months, your car can quickly become uncomfortably hot. However, there are several steps you can take to prevent your car from reaching sweltering temperatures, ensuring that you can continue to enjoy its comfort year-round.

1. Park In The Shade

When it comes to keeping your car cool during the summer heat, parking in shaded areas proves essential. Avoiding direct sunlight and its intense heat helps prevent your steering wheel from reaching scorching temperatures upon re-entry. Additionally, parking in a shaded area shields your car from solar heat entering through both front and rear windows, effectively maintaining a cooler interior temperature.

If you lack access to shaded parking, installing specialized window tint offers a practical solution. Acting as a man-made sunshade, this tint blocks solar heat, ensuring your car remains cool around the clock. Say goodbye to endless searches for the perfect parking spot to beat the heat.

2. Use Window Sunshades

Window shades serve to safeguard a car’s interior from direct sunlight, which can otherwise lead to damage to glass windows and vinyl seats. Particularly, sunshades prove effective in reducing contact temperatures, notably when positioned on the passenger side. They are particularly favored among families with children in rear passenger seats, given their convenient clip-on feature.

For additional cooling benefits when parked, investing in a large sunshade for your windshield is a wise move.

Window sunshades offer ample room for creativity, available in a plethora of designs. While sleek and traditional black options are ideal for maintaining the car’s aesthetic, sunshades featuring kids’ favorite characters can enhance the driving experience for them, adding an element of fun to every journey.

3. Invest In Window Tint

Investing in window tint is one of the best ways to keep your car cool during heat waves and those sweltering days of summer. Window tints consist of a thin film applied directly onto windows, effectively blocking a substantial portion of the sun’s harmful rays while permitting light to filter into your vehicle.

By mitigating UV radiation, window tinting aids in maintaining a cooler interior, regardless of external temperature fluctuations. Acting as an imperceptible shield, the film obstructs infrared and ultraviolet radiation from penetrating the vehicle, thereby curbing excessive heat accumulation. Its durable texture ensures resistance against fracturing and fading, guaranteeing prolonged protection compared to alternative options.

4. Drive With The Air Conditioning On

Driving with the air conditioning on is a simple way to keep your car cool. A/C pumps cold air throughout your vehicle, which helps lower cabin temperatures when you’re out on the road. Virtually every car on the road today has an air conditioning function in order to ensure a pleasant driving experience for anyone in the car. In order for your A/C to work at optimum capacity, have it on a low or medium setting so it does not become overwhelmingly cold in the car, and ensure all windows and doors are shut. 

5. Invest In A Solar Powered Fan

For those seeking an alternative to running the A/C constantly, a solar-powered ventilation fan offers an economical and efficient solution. This fan conveniently attaches to the top of a rolled-up window, harnessing energy from an outward-facing solar panel. Utilizing this solar power, the fan expels hot air from inside the car while drawing in cooler air from outside.

Installing two of these fans on opposite side windows enhances cross-ventilation airflow, further lowering the temperature inside the vehicle. For increased cooling power, higher-powered models with larger solar panels can be opted for, positioned on the dashboard to power both fans. While product quality may vary, selecting a reputable brand ensures reliable cooling throughout the sweltering summer months.

6. Keep Your Car Clean

A simple yet effective way to maintain your car’s coolness is by keeping it clean. Accumulated bird droppings, dirt, and debris on the vehicle’s surface diminish its ability to reflect light and heat. Consequently, the interior temperature can rise more rapidly. Regularly washing the car with soapy water not only removes these contaminants but also provides protection against sun damage, helping to preserve its coolness.

7. Use Seat Cooling Cushions

Seat cooling cushions offer a distinctive solution for staying cool in the sweltering summer heat. Embedded with layers of moisture-wicking materials like polypropylene, these cushions effectively absorb the heat emitted from your body as you sit. This mechanism maintains the surface of the cushion cooler, thereby ensuring your comfort while seated. Many cushions feature interchangeable combinations of cooling gel or memory foam atop the polypropylene layer, enhancing comfort for extended sitting periods.

Automotive Window Tint Services

The number one way to keep your car cool 24/7, without using up all your fuel and running up a huge bill is to install specialized window tint. At Carcool UAE, we are dedicated to bringing you the highest quality automotive window tint to ensure your car remains as cool as possible. Our professional installers even take care of installing the film on your window so you don’t have to worry about a thing. 

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