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3M CS-20 Series Window Film

3M CS-20 Series Window Film provide you The best Color Maintaining and Heat Resistant Dark window film

3M CS-20 Series Window Film

(The best Color Maintaining and Heat Resistant Dark window film)

3m color stable series CS 20 is one among the types of the color stable series. It’s the best color stable series for maintaining your car color. Comes in a darker shade, this film provides all-around protection to your car. It does so by protecting your car’s paint from fading because of being exposed to sunlight by providing up to 99% rejection from the harmful UV rays. The film is further long-lasting and has a metal-free construction. 


The CS 20 window film allows up to 16% of the visible light transmission through the glass. This makes it an excellent choice for attaining privacy inside your car. Through its heat rejection quality, you can enjoy long travels without feeling uncomfortable and the environment of your car is kept cool which is a necessity for residents of Dubai since they encounter the most extreme weather. 

3m Automotive Window Tint-CS-20 Window Film Specifications at a Glance

  • The most aesthetically appealing film protects your car against color fading 
  • The CS 20 film comes in a darker shade, the film’s color never fades or turns purple
  • The film provides outstanding heat protection by rejecting up to 99% of the harmful Ultraviolet rays
  • It further reduces up to 57% of the TSR and allows the users to stay in a comfortable zone. 
  • Keeps the environment of the car cool and saves you from spending on expensive air condition systems 
  • Due to its non-metallic nature, it does not make interaction with any signal reception
  • To keep you focused on your driving, it reduces glare formation from the UV rays by 99%. 


  • There might be a 3m logo printed on the printed part of the film. it is easily removed after installation with abrasive clean cloth and hot water.
  • A rejection as high as 57% total solar power coming through the windows of the car keeps the car cool.
  • Available in tint levels that completely block 95% visible light from entering your car, keeping your vehicle’s pessengers and valuables secure.
  • Reduce the amount of glare caused by blinding sunlight, allowing the driver to see clearly and focus more on driving
  • block up to 99.99 percent of the UV rays, this range blocks UV light to the extent of 99%, with a solar protection factor(SPF) that can reach 1000. The goal is to provide the passengers of cars with protection against harmful UV radiation.
  • The color stable series is non-metallized window film that will not hinder mobile device GPS as well as Satellite Radio reception.
  • The colour stable series comes with the warranty of a lifetime limited which is the largest warranties that you get. It is installed and sold by a skilled 3M authorized dealer installers. our films are long-lasting designed to withstand loss and comes with a virtual maintenance-free.


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