3M Color Stable 35 series Window Film

with the Help of 3M Color Stable 35 series Window Film you can Get an enhanced car appearance with 99% UV Rays Rejection

3M Color Stable 35 series Window Film

(Get an enhanced car appearance with 99% UV Rays Rejection)

Bringing to you at Car cool, another favorite type of color stable film, the CS-35 series. There is a reason why we love it. This film rejects up to 40% of the total solar energy, provides up to 99% protection from the harmful Ultra violet rays, reduces up to 56% of the glare formation, and keeps the colors stable by never fading or turning purple. These qualities make this film an all-rounder window tinting solution for the car. 

Just like the CS 5 and CS 20, this film also comes in a darker shade and allows up to a definite amount of visible light inside, making it ideal for attaining privacy inside the car. It’s the best choice if you are someone who enjoys long travels, but since we all Dubai face the heated weather the most, that’s why it gets difficult to stay comfortable inside the car but with the CS 30 series, you can keep your this worry at bay. 

Through its heat rejection quality, it keeps the car environment cool and enjoyable.

3m Automotive Window Tint CS 35 series Specifications at a Glance

  • A dark shade film protecting your car against color fading. 
  • Rejects up to 40% of the total solar energy and up to 99% of the Ultraviolet rays 
  • Reduces the glare production by 56% allowing the drivers to better focus on their path
  • Does not make interference with the technological devices due to their non-metallic nature
  • Provides privacy by allowing low visible light inside the car
  • Keeps the car cool and provides considerable relief from the hot weather of Dubai
  • The film is durable and lasts for years to come
  • 3m Color Stable 35 window film also makes your car look gracious by giving it aesthetic looks. 


  • There might be a 3m logo printed on the printed part of the film. it is easily removed after installation with abrasive clean cloth and hot water.
  • A rejection as high as 57% total solar power coming through the windows of the car keeps the car cool.
  • Available in tint levels that completely block 95% visible light from entering your car, keeping your vehicle’s pessengers and valuables secure.
  • Reduce the amount of glare caused by blinding sunlight, allowing the driver to see clearly and focus more on driving
  • block up to 99.99 percent of the UV rays, this range blocks UV light to the extent of 99%, with a solar protection factor(SPF) that can reach 1000. The goal is to provide the passengers of cars with protection against harmful UV radiation.
  • The color stable series is non-metallized window film that will not hinder mobile device GPS as well as Satellite Radio reception.
  • The colour stable series comes with the warranty of a lifetime limited which is the largest warranties that you get. It is installed and sold by a skilled 3M authorized dealer installers. our films are long-lasting designed to withstand loss and comes with a virtual maintenance-free.