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3M Ceramic IR Series Window Film

3M Ceramic IR Series Window Film For Automotive is Your perfect style and comfort for a memorable ride

3M Ceramic IR Series Window Film

(Your perfect style and comfort combine for a memorable ride)

The Ceramic IR Series is our second best choice of 3m window tinting series for you. With Superior UV protection and 1000+ Sun protection factor, it’s sure to enthrall your ride.

Rejection strength

The ceramic series provides great heat rejection to your car. It rejects up to 66% of the total solar energy, and 95% of heat-producing infrared rays (IR) thus providing an optimal thermal comfort by reducing the feel of the sun on your skin. 

SPF Factor

With a Sun Protection Factor-SPF greater than 1,000, the Ceramic series makes sure no harmful UV rays pass by the car. It blocks 99.9% of Ultraviolet (UV) rays.

Stay cool

The ceramic series lets you stay cool due to its absorptive nano-ceramic technology that provides maximum heat protection against the Infrared rays

Non-Metalized design

Ceramic automotive window films are non-metalized. This lets you stay connected and does not interfere with mobile devices, GPS, or satellite radio reception.

Reduce Glare

Significantly reduces up to 93% of the glare from blinding sunlight to help you stay focused on driving with Low visible light reflectivity.


The ceramic coating prevents the car’s external body from rusting. The coating is applied with the thick material that protects the car from rust for a long term.

The best element of ceramic coating is that it develops of a network of molecular solutions around the surface of the car which prevent it from catching fire.

You don’t need to worry about losing the shine of your car’s paint or body, as the ceramic coating act as a shield to protect the body from any kind of scratch.

The cost of nano ceramic coating including the application rates are absolutely affordable and do not put a burden on your pocket at all.

Even if it is a coated material on the car’s body, the layer is thick enough to prevent it from being removed while washing the car. It provides long-lasting car protection.

We provide the world-class nano ceramic coating material and provide the complete guarantee for the same in safeguarding your car from external damages.


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