3m Car Tint

3m car tint give you the way to be smart in style and Comfort

3m Car Tinting

3m Car Tint is a method of getting your car protected against the damaging Sun rays including Infrared rays responsible for scorching heat production inside the car and Ultra violet rays that are the main cause of car paint fading. 3m car tint ensure a comfortable driving experience via successful elimination of IR and UV rays, and glare reduction and focus improvement. 

3m window tints come in different series such as Crystalline series, color-stable series, Infra-Red series, and FX series. All of them have distinct sun protection, glare reduction, and heat protection parameters. 

Additionally, all of the 3m Car tinting series are nonmetallic in nature which is why they do not cause any distortion with the normal functioning of the satellite signals and electronic devices on the vehicle. 


3m Car Tint

Why is 3m Car Tint in Dubai the need of the hour?

No one but the residents of Dubai are well aware of the extreme weather conditions. These warm weather conditions are the result of Dubai being in a proximal position near the line of the Tropic of Cancer. 

These extreme weather conditions warm up the cars and are damaging to the car’s exterior since they cause the car paint to fade. Additionally, the summer heat of Dubai comes with humidity which fogs up the car and reduces visibility. The direct falling of sunlight into the windscreen also disturbs the visibility and causes serious accidents. 

On the other hand, 3m car tint not only block 99% of sunlight penetrating your vehicle but also improve your vision and ensure faster reach to destinations. With a 3m window tint laminated onto your car, you can park your car in the heat. It also reduces the use of air conditioners by ensuring faster cooling. 


3m Car tinting ensures heat protection via blocking up to 99% of the heat-producing IR rays from penetrating into car premises. Thus providing a provision of comfort while driving.

3m car tint series comes with Sun Protection Factor which keeps UV rays aside. It safeguards your car exterior from damage as well as improves focus by allowing visible light to pass. 

A 3m window tint makes sure you get all the benefits of the visible light without making the glass polarized and creating contrast vision. This enhances the driver’s vision and concentration.

With Car tinting 3m, you can ensure the safety of your car as no one would be able to see what and who is inside your car. You can peacefully leave your important documents and expensive gadgets.

3m car tinting improve your car aesthetics. These films come with a smooth touch that makes your car look luxurious. Protect your car’s interior which might fade over time due to exposure to sunlight.

3m automotive films are cost-effective solutions for every car owner to protect the car from distortion causing sun rays.  The films are affordable and are for everyone.